University Writing 30:151 is a writing-intensive course in which your grades are largely determined by three essays and one annotated bibliography.

All submitted work must be formatted using MLA or APA guidelines. Please view the sample MLA essay below for an example that follows formatting, documentation, and citation guidelines. Although each assigned essay has its own requirements, your writing should always demonstrate the conventions we discuss in class. The skills summary outlines some of these conventions and is meant to serve as the overarching "checklist" for your assignments. As I emphasize in class, conventions can change with context. However, we will also discuss conventions that are consistent across genres: clarity, coherence, and conciseness, among others.

I also highly recommend reading Catherine Savini's excellent chapter on how to approach writing assignments in university:

Amy Guptill's textbook for the Open SUNY project also has a chapter on understanding what professors expect from assignments. It is an excellent place to start if you're confused about any writing assignment in a university course:

Please follow the essay instructions carefully and address the specific concerns I raise in them. Remember, too, that these documents are subject to change up until the class in which I distribute the assignment. Click on the assignments to view the instructions.


Essay #1: Expository Essay (15%) 

Essay #2: Argumentative Essay (20%)

Annotated Bibliography (10%) and Research Essay (25%) (35% total)

Sample Essay

MLA Essay